The pressure is on you to sign off on the license renewal.
Who really uses this application, do they use it enough to justify the expense, and do you really need that many user licenses?
Introspectus provides visibility into actual application usage and the information you need to make an informed business decision.

Existing Tools

Current software reporting tools are typically developed by vendors, are vendor specific, and are often focused on facilitating true-up activities. Existing hardware reports do not record the extent of usage of each individual computer.

Why is this a problem?

Merely recording that an Application has been installed, is no proof that it is used, or that it is even used frequently. Applications are often installed so that your staff may use them, if required. However, software is expensive and unutilised or under-utilised Applications costing thousands of dollars don’t make sense.

While information about the hardware in your IT environment is necessary, not recording its utilisation may result in computers being placed in environments where they are not used.

How is Introspectus different?

Introspectus provides detailed Application usage data, giving you visibility of when Applications have been used, for what duration, and by which users:

  • Introspectus adds the missing piece to the puzzle about software usage, displaying an accurate analysis of actual usage rather than basic information about the number of installs and when the application was last used.
  • A complete history of application usage is available for you to get a definitive picture of which applications are in use across your organisation.

Introspectus records the extent to which the computer hardware is also used.

Recording when your organisation's computers are powered up and down gives you accurate power consumption data to assist you in reporting on your organisations energy consumption.

How actual software usage is measured

Every time a user in your organisation uses an Application, Introspectus records each ‘in focus’ window and records the ‘start time’ the window becomes ‘active’ and the time when the window is no longer ‘active’. This information is stored locally on the workstation before being used to generate reports of user’s actual Application usage.



Review your licenses

Introspectus records the start time and end time of usage of each Application window and also the associated Application details. This information is collected to produce a summary of each Application’s usage over a nominated period, providing information about the unique number of users and computers, as well as the time that the Application was ‘in focus’ and ‘active’, i.e. actually used.

Licence Compliance Graph
Licence Complance - Applications Installed / Used (Graph)

Reports summarise actual time spent per geographic location (or office) for each Application.

Licence Compliance Data
Licence Complance - Applications Installed / Used Data

Actual usage of an Application, per instance, and per computer, differentiating between the time that it has been ‘in focus’ and the time it is actively in use. This report distinguishes between time that an Application is displayed on a screen but unused, versus the time in use.

All reports can be exported to Excel.

Licence Compliance By Machine
Licence Complance - Applications Installed / Used by Machine ID

The extent to which computer hardware is used differentiates Introspectus reports from other reporting.

Machine In Use Data
Machines (Computers) in Use

How does this affect my decisions?

As a decision maker within your organisation you can:

  • Produce reports of all Applications loaded on user’s computers and then determine which Applications are not being used.
  • Correctly licence your organisation for Applications that are being used, rather than those which users think they are using.
  • Amend your licensing model to mirror actual usage, reducing IT expenses.