General Questions

Introspectus is as intrusive as you want it to be. Names of users in your organisation are obfuscated and only available to senior management if you wish to see them at all. You can limit access to aspects of the monitoring and reporting that you do not require.

From the Australian Government’s office of the Australian Information Commissioner:

“It may be reasonable for an employer to monitor some of its staff’s activities to ensure staff are performing their duties and using resources appropriately. As such, if your workplace monitors its staff’s use of email, the internet and other computer resources, and you have been advised of that monitoring, it would generally be allowed.”

First we would suggest formalising comprehensive IT policies and inserting a clause in each employment contract which states that the employer may carry out continuous ongoing computer and tracking surveillance in the workplace and use the information to take action against deficient behavior. Thereafter we recommend ongoing reminders to staff (in writing) of your workplace IT policies and that your organisation monitors IT usage of corporate assets.

If inappropriate behaviour is found, the level of obfuscation you have chosen may not identify individuals, but may assist you to highlight poor behaviour trends within the organisation. With the information that Introspectus provides, you may choose to:

  • Send out an all-staff e-mail to address inappropriate behaviour;
  • Have your HR department talk to users with inappropriate behaviour; or
  • Have your IT Administrator block certain sites, before behaviour gets out of hand.
All levels of activity, across all workstations, whether remote or local, is monitored. The level of detail provides for very accurate analysis of data.

We believe that people do what is inspected and not necessarily what is expected. While the information that Introspectus provides is very detailed and can be used at an individual level, we would rather see it collated and used across an organisation to change poor behaviour and instil a positive, sustainable corporate culture.

All names of individuals are obfuscated and only available to senior management if required. You can limit access to aspects of the monitoring and reporting that you do not require.

Yes. Introspectus has been developed from the perspective of the security requirements of Federal Government Agencies. Introspectus provides:

  • Encryption of data in transmission and data “at rest”
  • Access to the Portal only from specific IP Addresses
By analysing every instance of an application being used, Introspectus builds a detailed profile of each application. With this information at hand, INTROSPECTUS will gladly assist in a comparison of usage against current licensing.
Introspectus will record every instance when an application is used, the machine it is used on and the length of time used. Introspectus will ensure that your software compliance is accurate and up to date. You will be able to identify unused and under-utilised software and pay only for what is used.

Analysis of Software usage can potentially save your organisation many thousands of dollars. Labour represents a very big component of most organisations’ budgets. Significant savings can be made when employees time management is brought under the spotlight. You may find some parallels in your organisation with the following information:

  • 75% of internet use is non-work related
  • 9 out of 10 employees admit to wasting time on the internet
  • 4 of the top 10 URLs viewed are News sites. Facebook is #2 and Dropbox is in the top 20
  • 73% of Corporate Applications are used less than 2 hours per week