HR Reporting

How do you ensure that your staff are engaged in your business and using IT efficiently?
Are they working from home and on weekends in order to manage their work load?
Do you need to acknowledge the additional work they do?

Existing Tools

Current HR reporting tools require company staff to correctly record the start and end time of each day. This is often manually recorded at the end of each week or fortnight and may be difficult to compile retroactively. Timekeeping software, if used, may need to be dedicated to workstations or specifically invoked to record a timestamp. Time spent working away from the office, after hours or on weekends, is not recorded or may be overstated.

Why is this a problem?

Inaccurate time sheets result in incorrect payments of salaries, overtime and entitlements. Requiring software to monitor workstation logons and logoff is also problematic as staff members not have to logon and logoff a workstation at the start and the end of the day. Time spent working on the computer away from the office and after hours may be overstated.

How is Introspectus different?

Introspectus addresses the challenges facing Human Resource (HR) management:

  1. Recording Work Hours

    Because computers are such an integral part of employment, most users log on at the start of each day and may do a final check of e-mail at the end of each day before shutting down for the evening. Introspectus timestamps all this activity, providing work hour information that can be used in conjunction with other time keeping systems.

  1. Working extended Hours and from home

    While current HR reporting tools seldom record work performed out of hours and on weekends, Introspectus records all ‘Active Window’ activity when staff are working from home on work provided Laptops or connecting to work via Terminal Services / Citrix.

  2. Monitoring Organisational Change

    Introspectus assists organisational change with daily information on the take up of technologies that your organisation is seeking to embrace. By monitoring how much new Applications are used and the extent to which terminated Applications are relinquished, the success of organisational change can accurately be determined.

How HR activity is measured

Every time a user in your organisation uses an Application, Introspectus records each ‘in focus’ window and records the ‘start time’ the window becomes ‘active’ and the time when the window is no longer ‘active’. This information is used to generate reports on user’s actual Application usage.


Individual's Activities
Individual User Report
Individual Report

Over a 24 hour period:

Introspectus records the start time and end time of each application window and also the associated application details. This usage information is collected to produce a summary of a staff member’s day, including when they started interacting with their workstation and when they finished using their workstation.

The report identifies actual time spent per user on the computer in 15 minute increments, differentiating between corporate and non-corporate applications. It highlights periods of activity over a 24 hour period, recognising a staff member’s usage of an Application through local machines and through remote entry.

How does this affect my decisions?

As a decision maker within your organisation you can:

  • Produce a report of all user computer activity which can be compared to your HR records to identify anomalies within your HR logs.
  • Identify which staff are working long hours without appropriate breaks or recognition, etc.
  • Identify actual hours ‘worked’ from home.

Individual User Report Close Up
Focusing on the hours between 8AM and 6PM